Blind Dead Tape Out Now
Monday, August 29, 2011

DHR-010: BLIND DEAD Cassette Tape

Chill Zone Skins

“Crushing riffery from current and former members of Dry-Rot, Herds, and Threatener. Six tracks of raw and unyielding brutality. With songs like Rituals and Murder and Arson, this is for folks who have thousands of private drawings that no other person on earth will ever see. The morgue receives the victims of the Blind Dead.” – Roderick McClain

Only 100 copies. Get it while you can. Thank you.

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Blind Dead
Thursday, August 11, 2011

DHR-010: Blind Dead Cassette

This is a new band comprised of members of other Deer Healer affiliated bands. Only 100 copies of this professionally manufactured tape were produced. It will be available at the following upcoming shows:

Dry-Rot / Soul Swallower / Hoax / Blind Dead
Boston, MA

Dry-Rot / Soul Swallower / Hoax / Blind Dead
Amherst, MA

Dry-Rot / Soul Swallower / Hoax / Blind Dead / Brain Slug
New York, NY

Dry-Rot / Soul Swallower / Hoax / Blind Dead / No Coffins
Philadelphia, PA

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New Release Out Now!
Monday, June 20, 2011

NIGHTBRINGER “31st and Michigan” b/w “A Better Tomorrow” 7″ is OUT NOW!


Check the media section for an mp3. Nightbringer previously released a 7″ on Chris Colohan’s High Anxiety Records and have a track on the great “Demented Anthem Hardcore Assemblage” compilation on Souichi’s Under The Surface Records.

Still available in VERY LIMITED quantities: CONDOMINIUM “Gag” 7″ and EXALTED 7″ Single.

I transitioned the Deer Healer mailorder to a Big Cartel cart. Hopefully you’ll find that easier to use.

Please get in touch with wholesale inquiries for any of my releases.

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I’m Back.
Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Despite relocating, yet again, to Michigan next month, I have the next Deer Healer release in production.

DHR-011: NIGHTBRINGER “31st and Michigan” b/w “A Better Tomorrow” 7″.

Rock & roll as only a Detroit area band can deliver. Previously released a 7″ on High Anxiety and a track on the killer “Demented Anthem Hardcore Assemblage” compilation on Under The Surface. Ex-members of Earthmover, Ruination, Life.Set.Struggle, Bloodpact, and a bunch others, if you care about that stuff.

What about DHR-010? It’s being worked on. It involves Dry-Rot personnel and myself, so far.

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Address Change
Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We’ve changed our address. Forget the P.O. Box. Send anything here:

2838 Floex Drive
Toledo, OH 43615

Coming soon: A 7″ and a couple of cassettes.

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